Monthly Archives: February 2019

Missionaries Can Now Call Home! What That Means:

On February 15th, the Church announced missionaries can now call, text or video chat their families weekly on P-day. Now that everyone is past the initial shock and excitement of that announcement, we explore the other potential effects of this new policy: Parents who were awakened by their kids at […]

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Pick-up Lines That Were (Probably) Cut From the Scriptures

We know about lots of relationships in the Bible and Book of Mormon, but we don’t know much about how they got started. Here are a list of pick-up lines that were probably in the scriptures but got cut out somewhere along the way: Eve to Adam: I’d only marry […]

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Your Guide to Internet Slang for Latter-day Saints

You may know your LOLs and your BRBs, but I’m sure you didn’t know most of these internet abbreviations especially for Latter-day Saints. Here’s a list of abbreviations to text your friends or use on the interwebs to be hip or keep up with those cool youth of Zion: AICTP […]

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