Pick-up Lines That Were (Probably) Cut From the Scriptures

We know about lots of relationships in the Bible and Book of Mormon, but we don’t know much about how they got started. Here are a list of pick-up lines that were probably in the scriptures but got cut out somewhere along the way:

  • Eve to Adam: I’d only marry you if we were the only two people on earth.
  • Lehi to Sariah: I may be a visionary man, but you’re the best thing I’ve ever seen.
  • Laman and Lemuel to the daughters of Ishmael: Do you like
    Piña Coladas, or tying my brother up in the rain?
  • Nephi to the daughters of Ishmael: My brothers have described me as “electric.”
  • Zoram to the daughters of Ishmael: I’m not part of this family.
  • Amalickiah to the wife of the king of the Lamanites: I definitely didn’t kill your husband.
  • Samson to Delilah: It’s my hair, isn’t it?
  • King Lamoni to his future wife: I smell super good. Like, I could be dead for like three days and still smell like roses.

Hope you got some inspiration for Valentine’s Day. I’m not sure how any of these pick-up lines actually worked, but we’ll probably never know. Happy Valentine’s Day!