15 Ways To Use “And It Came to Pass” in Everyday Conversation

You’ve all heard the phrase “and it came to pass” – you’ve read it so many times. It was basically like the “awesome-sauce” of the Book of Mormon and we should bring it back as a popular phrase! But these trends need some help, so we got your back. Here are 15 ways to use “and it came to pass” in everyday life:

  1. When you’re done passing a kidney stone.
  2. While watching a football game (or basketball, volleyball, or soccer) and witnessing a great pass.
  3. When you see an airplane, meteor, or UFO shoot across the sky.
  4. When someone near you releases gas loudly.
  5. When you receive an unexpected passing grade on a test.
  6. As a response to “please pass the ketchup.”
  7. After your Metro pass prints out.
  8. When emerging from the airport to see your family for the first time after your mission (best if done in a shout!).
  9. When presenting a passport at customs.
  10. At the start of any testimony bearing.
  11. At the end of Church (especially when Sunbeams teacher or nursery leader).
  12. As a pick-up line when a cute specimen walks by.
  13. When witnessing someone faint.
  14. When passing a car on the freeway (especially when passing on the right).
  15. When seeing a new Deacon pass the sacrament for the first time.

And it came to pass…